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Effective reproduction of the herds is one of the hardest disciplines in many farms.Empty are expensive and should be avoided, but that demands regular surveillance of the herd and as we all know – it is hard to be in all places at once.

That is why a precise activity system can be a great investment, and the BouMatic RealTime Activity will warn you about an enlarged activity 24/7, so you are able to inseminate your cows in time, every time.

The active transponders will send readings to the controlling unit every 5 minutes and let’s you decide when the best time for insemination is. With RealTime Activity, you can monitor your cows and heifers both inside and outside, this can actually be executed at a long distance. A long-range antenna will give you the exact activity measurement within a radius of 1 km. If you need to reach a further span, the system can be expanded with more antennas and control units.

  • Real Time Activity

    Real Time Activity

    The BouMatic RealTime Activity will ensure that even the “quiet heat” is discovered in time, and you will receive a message about it directly on your e-mail when you need to do something. It doesn’t get much easier than that, unless you use the Soffimat Plus that allows a direct selection from the parlor without you having to do anything.