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Our detachers are, as the rest of our products, creates on the basics of a simple philosophy: Simple, reliable and dependable.

Strangko has three systems that will ensure that you get exactly that – and that is whether you like the simple detacher like the ED-basic or if you like the chrome-plated solution in form of the Soffimat Plus.

  • ED Basic

    The name says it all. The ED-basic is a simple basic detacher. No muss no fuss – but still,the machine will ensure a safe administration of the milking process.
  • Smartlite


    A brand new innovative detaching system, that can be used to both Strangko and BouMatic parlors. SMARTLITE is an interactive, network based detaching system, that breaks the usual interpretation of detachers. A simple illuminated LED button will give you all the information you need. With SMARTLITEyou are able to follow all the milking routines in a highly manageable way. The system is under development, but for now you are able to purchase it as a detaching system. The management part will be ready during the summer of 2015 – but the future starts now!
  • Soffimat Plus

    Soffimat Plus

    The Soffimat Plus is the Strangko top model. It has keyboards at every cow. The Soffimat Plus gives you control of all the processes; ID activity, pulsation,milk output detaching level, selection, etc., that is controlled with the MPC programme. The big display will give you the exact data of the on-going milking process – with current graphs. You will, for one thing, be informed about the correct milking preparation. Select your cows from the Soffimat Plus, with just a simple push on a button – the change of colors on the display will let you know which gets chosen. That’s about as simple as it gets. You will have the ability to administrate every function from the panels and he system of course support ICAR approved milk-yield control. If you use our Real Time Activity, the Soffimat Plus with Herd Matrix will automatically be able to select the cows that is to be inseminated.
  • Touchpoint


    With the BouMatic Touchpoint automation, you will get a complete management system, in which every single process (ID activity, pulsation, milking output, detaching level, selection, etc.) can be managed in coherence with the Smart Diary controller, alongside a PC equipped with management software. With Touchpoint you will have a keyboard for every cow, in which all processes and data van be controlled and inspected. The Viewpoint, with a single centrally placed screen is ideal, if you only have a limited need for inspecting every milking cow. All processes can be managed from the single screen, and will provide a complete overview of the milking process.