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  • Handy Cart

    Handy Cart

    Mobile milking-system Are you tired of spending so much time on separate milking in the parlor? Take the milking-system to the cows that aren't going to the parlor! A mobile milking-system will make it easier for you to milk the cows in the sick- or separation section. The handy cart is constructed from the principle, that milking equipment should be simple, robust and reliable in service. When the separation milking is done by separate systems, it is less likely that the milk is mixed.This means that you can save a lot of money and annoyance. With a handy cart, the milking system will always be right there when you need it. The handy cart is a complete milking-system with cart, vacuum pump, vacuum meter,electric motor, 25 liter complete bucket-machine, vacuum pulsation and  Soffi milking set. The handy cart is built on a light steel frame and installed with big rubber-wheels to ensure a simple and easy transport between the stalls. The handy cart is simply connected to 220 volts and then it’s ready for use. If you already own a Strangko bucket-machine, the solution will be to order a Handy cart without a bucket-machine. Ask your Strangko dealer for further details about the product.
  • Handy Comfort Arm

    Handy Comfort Arm

    Save yourself, think clever and gain more energy for other doings after the milking-process
    • Comfort-arm for 30 degrees herringbone parlors
    • Give yourself or your helper an extra hand
    • The weight-less milking-set. Save yourself from lifting 185 ton a year (by 100 cows)
    • With the Handy comfort-arm, the milker will avoid the many, daily, heavy lifts. At the same time, it creates the opportunity to vary the work so the attaching process can be done with both hands, so it relieves both back and hands
    • Made from indestructible material in a robust and modern design
    • Watch after yourself with a Strangko comfort-arm. The body is an importing work-tool and is the only “house” we have to live in for the rest of our lives
  • Handy Floor

    Handy Floor

    The body is our most important resource, and it is really important to takes good care of it. A lifting floor is a part of securing, that you and your employees avoid twists and crocket positions. With a total wandering of 30 cm. from top to bottom, it is possible for you to find the position that suits you and your height best. Handy floor can be delivered to all types of parlors and rotaries.
  • Handy Rail

    Handy Rail

    All parlors can be delivered with a service band long enough to cover the length of the entire parlor; with carts for buckets with racks, control measuring and other things, you want by hand during the milking-process. This saves you from many heavy lifts and many steps.
  • Handy Wash

    Handy Wash

    The Strangko handy wash is simple washing automats with PLC control and screen-info. They can be installed both in new parlors and in existing parlors, and has up to 5 steps that can easily be combined in a washing-cycle. The standard handy wash is delivered with two dosage pumps, but it is possible to install an additional pump. The water and electrics are clearly separated, so you can install the control panel in a dry environment. The handy wash entails, in addition to Danish, 5 other languages.