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At BouMatic we know all about the importance of correct and safe sorting, because of that we have put a lot of effort into the development of, what we believe is the best, sorting-box on the market. Many years of experience has resulted in a sorting-box, that in a fast and safe way, can send your cows in the direction you want. in our boxes, all gates are pneumatic operated. This creates brute strength and none the less speed in the selection process.

The uniqueTexas-gates, which is a characteristic feature for the Strangko box, makes sure that only one cow can enter at a time. But despite of the “extra” gates, the system is so efficient that the cows only need a very limited amount of time to adjust, and then they will just walk through the box without further ado.

Should there happen to be a single cow, stopping to enjoy the view, the efficient cow-pusher will make sure that the cow resumes to walk, with nothing but a gentle push.

Whether you prefer a Strangko or BouMatic sorting-product, you will experience a safe and problem free sorting.

A box can be equipped with up to 5 exits, and can be delivers with or without a computer-controlling device. Furthermore it can be build-in in every possible type of stable.

  • Automatic Separation

    Automatic Separation

    Recently developed sorting-box The big cattle yards use a disproportionate amount of time finding and segregating the cows that are to be sterilized, inseminated or treated. The recently developed Strangko sorting-box is controlled directly from the parlor and the process is automatically carried out. Simple code The keying of a simple code on the electronic milk-meter leads to an automatic separation of the enquired cow, immediately after leaving the parlor.
  • Handy Select

    Handy Select

    • Simple and efficient sorting of the individual cow, without the use of a centralcomputer
    • The decision that the sorting should be executed in the parlor, where the cow(s), you want to sort, is provided with a velcro-fastener with ID-roof
    • The double-antenna-solution ensures a high level of sorting-security and limits unintended sorting to an absolute minimum
    • Empirical figures show that it is possible to save 2 whole working-days pr. Month with the automatic sorting
    • Delivered as a simple gate-solution or as a box-solution with Texas-doors.
    Antenna system
    • Double-antenna in indestructible materials: plastic and stainless steel
    • By using the double-antenna-solution, you avoid unintended soring of cows on either side of the sorting-aisle
    • The double-antenna also provides a total freedom to choose, on which hind leg, the velcro-fastener with ID-roof is placed