Both BouMatic and Strangko carry Full-line products – In all facets developed and engineered with full focus on reliability and minimal costs for the future maintenance.


In February 2007, Strangko A/S was taken over by BouMatic, and of course, all Strangko dealers and employees in Denmark are fully qualified to sell and service the BouMatic equipment.

BouMatic and Strangko are both Full-line products – in all facets developed and constructed with full focus on dependability and minimal costs for maintenance.

All systems and products from BouMatic A/S are based on thoroughly tested materials and solutions, which include the newest research within technology, environment and animal welfare.


With our nationwide strong and specialized dealer network, help is always within your reach. Our main warehouse, plus service cars entails everything you need to secure the performance of your dairy equipment, even if an incident should occur on Christmas Eve.

Modern dairy equipment is a line of complicated processes and we have strong demands to our cooperation partners to ensure that a thorough and precise job is being done. All vendors are certified with BouMatic’s strong set of demands. To ensure that you get the best possible service, we pride ourselves on after educating our employees continuously.


STRANGKO/ BouMatic are global.