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Through almost 50 years, Strangko has been one of the preferred producers within automatic slurry systems, at home and abroad. The combination of our wide experience and constant aspiration to optimize and better our products, is your guarantee for a constantly problem free facility.

Our scrapers are constructed in high quality steel, and all other single components are fit to operate in very aggressive environments, to secure problem free performance for many years.

  • A Chain Isn’t Just a Chain…

    A Chain Isn’t Just a Chain…

    It is a very common assumption, that there aren’t any differences in chains, but that assumption doesn’t work in praxis. The cheap alternatives simply won’t last. The chain we use for our systems, are the result of many years of developing to achieve the right combination of durability and flexibility. Your security for a problem free performance lies in the original spare parts and planned service. This is great economy from start to finish. No matter which type of flooring you have or plan to have in your building, we are able to solve the job. This is whether you prefer the traditional chain, wire or hydraulic systems. We can help find the solution for your building. Of course, we are also able to intergrade our systems in existing buildings. With BouMatic as your partner, you will receive help in form of professional counseling and technical support throughout the entire process. Furthermore, we will take part in the entire building process, to ensure the best possible end-result.