Pipe Milking

Pipe Milking

Pipe Milking

Can be customized to all new and well-established parlors

With stocks, to which you’d like the milking-process to be done directly in the binding parlor, the Strangko pipe-system will be the ideel solution.

The system consists of a pipe-system with the unique handy-grip solution.

Individual milking

The stock can be milked in a pace suitable for both cows and milker. This secures a calm work-routine for both the cows and milker.

Optimal capacity

Well-dimensioned pipes for both milk and vacuum device secures an optimal capacity on the device.

Handy track-system

The pipe-system can be equipped with the handy track-system, which will transport the milking equipment round the parlor. This will secure a better working environment and it will save time.

Robust execution

The galvanized execution secures minimal costs for maintenance.